Introduction to Histology – Applications & Importance

Introduction to Histology - Applications & Importance

Histology is the branch of human anatomy which deals with the microscopic study of tissues of human body.

There is level of organisation in human body. As we all know the group of similar cells form a tissue and the combination of different tissue forms the organs and the group of organ forms the organ system.

So the specific and adequate knowledge of histology is very important to understand the detail structure and function of organ system.

Histology commonly performed by examining cells and tissues under a light microscope.

Application of histology

A.) Education

  • Histology slides are often used in schools, institutes and university laboratories to help out the students to learn thoroughly and practically about the microstructures of human (and animal) biological tissue.

B.) Diagnosis (for treatment)

  • Biological tissue samples taken from a patient (that is, a specific person or animal’s body) may be studied in detail to enable medical (or veterinary – in case of animals) experts to learn more about the patient’s condition and hence perhaps understand its causes and make recommendations for treatment or management of the condition.

C.) Forensic investigations

  • Forensic histology, immunohistochemistry and cytology involving microscopic study of biological tissues using various stains can help clarify the cause of sudden unexpected deaths and other issues in forensic science.

D.) Autopsy

Biological tissues from a deceased person or animal can be studied using histological techniques enabling experts (e.g. pathologists re. unexplained death of a person) to learn about the circumstances and possibly cause of death.

E.) Archaeology

  • Study of biological cells and tissues recovered from archaeological sites can provide information about history, even ancient history.
  • The state of preservation of the biological material is critical, yet sometimes sufficient e.g. for bone histology and dental histology.

Importance of Histology

Microscopy in histology provide us the minor details of tissues of human body which has significance in medical profession to understand the mechanisms of different process of specific organ.

Histology is very useful in the diagnosis of certain diseases like cancers.

Here we will study the detailed histology in following sections :-

  • Microscopy
  • Introduction of cell and tissue
  • Histology of epithelium tissue
  • Histology of Connective tissue
  • Histology of Muscle
  • Histology of Nervous tissue
  • Histology of Circulatory system
  • Histology of Lymph organs
  • Histology of Skin and its appendages

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